Methodology At Tru-Shine:

  • Tru-Shine adheres to the strictest quality standards and has designed our services to consistently meet and exceed that commitment to our clients.
  • Tru-Shine monitors our services for continuous process improvement.
  • Tru-Shine has technology in place to eliminate \”no shows\” ensuring that your facility is serviced as scheduled, without exception.
  • Tru-Shine performs regular inspections and audits to monitor service quality.
  • Tru-Shine strives for continuous improvement with every client, no matter how large or small.  Tru-Shine Cleaning Services is fully bonded and insured.
  • Tru-Shine provides liability and property damage coverage, as well as employee bonding, and all other applicable forms of insurance coverage.
  • Tru-Shine employees are vigorously screened for our client\’s protection.
  • Tru-Shine requires all our employees to adhere to our professional appearance standard, wear uniforms, and carry proper company identification.

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