Protect Your People & Profits This Flu Season

A growing number of companies are allowing their employees to return to the workplace after more than two years of COVID-19. They are doing this right as flu season begins. Flu season brings more people indoors, which is naturally a problem. So how can an employer ensure that their staff is safe and healthy? Employers […]

How Much Will It Cost To Clean Your Building?

It happens almost every time. As we are presenting our proposal for janitorial services, the prospective client will begin to flip through the pages of our proposal to find the page where we have detailed our pricing. Knowing where this cost comes from is very important to facility managers. And if you know what factors […]

TruShine Services, A Commercial Cleaning Service in Atlanta, Receives 5-Star Review

TruShine Services, a commercial cleaning service in Atlanta, GA, has recently received 5-star testimonials from long-time clients. The locally owned and operated company provides many of Atlanta’s most well-known businesses with janitorial services. Founder and CEO Carlos Tavarez and his company have built a reputation for their attention to detail and customer service. In a […]

Professional disinfection services- reasons to request it for your office in Atlanta

The term “cleanliness” varies from person to person. It is defined as the lack of dust, odours, stains, and a variety of other things. The refinement of a room is defined by cleanliness and disinfection. Public health professionals have emphasised the need of maintaining a clean environment in order to avoid the spread of the […]

How Janitorial Services in Atlanta Can Benefit Your Business

Professional janitorial services in Atlanta is the ultimate solution to all of your commercial cleaning and janitorial service needs. At TruShine Services, we understand that many of our clients require the full use of their facilities during their normal business hours. We provide 24/7 service to accommodate all of your commercial cleaning and janitorial services. […]