Protect Your People & Profits This Flu Season

A growing number of companies are allowing their employees to return to the workplace after more than two years of COVID-19.

They are doing this right as flu season begins. Flu season brings more people indoors, which is naturally a problem. So how can an employer ensure that their staff is safe and healthy?

Employers need to take extra precautions to prevent the flu this year. Protecting employees and profits often means hiring a commercial cleaning service for more thorough cleaning and sanitation.

Germs can quickly spread; the most common places for bacteria and germs to grow and spread are in the workplace. TruShine identified the most likely areas where germs and viruses can spread.

  • Restrooms Toilets contain 3,000 bacteria/square inch
  • Telephones: phones carry 10x more germs than a toilet seat
  • Light Switches High levels of fecal bacteria are found on light switches
  • Door Handles and Faucets: Handles include sinks, doors, and microwaves. They have high germ counts.

At TruShine, we train our team to clean and sanitize your office space to an industry-leading standard. While at the same time, some cleaning companies or your staff will keep your facilities looking clean, dangerous germs and bacteria thrive on communal items putting your people and profits at risk. 

Keep your workplace clean and take preventative measures to stop the flu virus spread. If you feel unwell, wash your hands and get vaccinated. 

TruShine offers commercial cleaning services; if commercial cleaners are not cleaning your office this flu season, you should consider hiring a professional company.

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