10 Essential Janitorial Services for Your Restaurant

Janitorial service, your restaurant’s best friend! Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is paramount for restaurants in Atlanta. Not only does it ensure a safe and pleasant dining experience for customers, but it also upholds health and safety regulations. Among the crucial janitorial services, kitchen cleaning and hood cleaning stand out as top priorities for […]

Top 5 Essential Kitchen Equipment Care: Maximize Longevity

It is absolutely necessary to do routine kitchen equipment care in order to guarantee trouble-free operations and to prevent expensive repairs or replacements. Your property’s appliances will have a longer lifespan if you care for them properly, and they will also function better and use less energy if you do so. In this piece, we […]

The Ultimate Guide to Expert Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Atlanta

Commercial kitchen hood cleaning: Are you a business owner in Atlanta dedicated to ensuring the safety of your employees and the cleanliness of your commercial kitchen? Look no further! TruShine Services is your trusted partner for expert hood cleaning in the heart of Atlanta. This comprehensive guide delves deep into the importance of maintaining a […]

3 Types of Janitorial Companies You Want To Avoid

Selecting a janitorial company can be a bit like dating. There are some good ones and some bad ones, and if you aren’t careful, you could end up looking for a way to end the relationship. Is there a way to see beforehand whether or not you will end up in a relationship with a […]

6 Signs Your Cleaning Services Company Has Quit You

And what to do about it? There are lots of reasons why your cleaning company may not be doing a good job taking care of your facility. Perhaps they underbid the work, ownership has changed, or maybe other customers are getting more attention.  So how can you know if your janitorial company has given up […]

Keep Your VCT Floors Looking Good in 4 Simple Steps

“Our floors look terrible!” This is a common phrase we encounter when called in by a prospective client to provide a proposal for cleaning services. Besides dirty restrooms and break rooms, there is nothing that draws the ire of building owners more than dull, damaged flooring. This should really come as no surprise to most […]

Why You Should Consider a Locally Owned Cleaning Company

We Are Not A Cleaning Franchise After talking to scores of facility managers over the years, one question that regularly pops up is this: “Are you a franchise company?” Now why is such a question raised so frequently? It seems that many companies have had an unpleasant experience with cleaning franchises. But why is this […]

Special Cleaning Projects: Carpets, Hard Floors, Windows, and More

Special Cleaning Projects: Carpets, Hard Floors, Windows, and More Stained carpets? Scuffed up floors? Dirty windows? Hazy VCT? While routine janitorial services are an everyday need at your facility, there are a host of other needs related to the cleanliness and appearance. For instance, cleaning exterior windows is not something that is typically included in […]

2 Ways to Save Money On Your Janitorial Program

If you are in charge of the janitorial services at your facility, you are likely in charge of many other services and purchasing decisions. And while I don’t know your specific situation, I suspect you regularly get pressure to cut costs. The competitive business environment of our day requires a constant effort to keep expenses […]