Local Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services Featuring Best Restaurants in Kennesaw, GA

Kennesaw GA – TruShine Services, a local restaurant cleaning service serving Kennesaw, GA, has recently published a blog post that features the company’s favorite restaurants in Kennesaw. 

In the post TruShine lists 10 of their favorite locally owned restaurants voted upon by their staff. When asked for a comment, owner and founder Carlos Tavarez, had this to say “As a company we are looking to engage and be more involved within the communities we serve. One of the things we thought of was to go visit different local restaurants and have the staff pick their favorites. With COVID-19 many restaurants are still recovering so any support we can provide is greatly appreciated I’m sure.” 

Tavarez, who has spent a significant part of his career in commercial kitchens, has built a company with a reputation of being the best. TruShine Services provides a variety of commercial kitchen cleaning and maintenance services. 

TruShine’s expertise in commercial kitchens differentiates the company from their competitors because they understand the needs of restaurateurs. The company prides themselves on providing the best and most thorough hood cleaning service in Atlanta. Tavarez and his team are so committed to their clientele that the TruShine website states, “We’ll clean your entire exhaust system: your hood, your fans, filters, and ducts… We’ll even change your fan belt if it needs it at no extra charge, as well as grease your motor bearings for your fan & clean your make-up air filters at no extra charges. Hopefully, that should also cool down your kitchen by a good 5 Degrees. Next time ask your current company for certification. We don’t cut corners, and we adhere strictly to NFPA Code 96.”

To learn more about TruShine Services, interested parties may contact Carlos Tavarez. They may also visit the company’s website for further information or connect with them through their social media platforms to stay updated with their latest news and announcements. 

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