All Janitorial Company\’s is the SAME, Tru-Shine Is Not

If you currently have a Janitorial service that cleans your Restaurant and are having problems or paying too much, you may think that all Janitorial Services are the same. The Commercial Cleaning Industry is very fragmented. Most statewide, regional and national companies focus mostly on office cleaning. Janitorial Franchises claim that they clean Restaurants, but most have failed. They merely sign you up as a customer and then sell the account to an unknown Franchisee. The major players in the Janitorial Industry have standard operating procedures, quality control systems, and intensive training programs. But as mentioned, most of these companies do not focus on the food service, hospitality and entertainment industries. Tru-Shine Cleaning Services is the “sweet spot”. We are large enough to handle National Customers, with multiple units in various States, yet nimble enough to handle local Restaurants. Tru-Shine Cleaning Services has three partners who are all active in the business. All the partners meet with customers, solve problems, and are constantly looking for ways to provide the highest quality service to its clients! Tru-Shine Cleaning Services has also developed proprietary systems to clean Restaurants. Our crews are then trained on these standard operating procedures to ensure that your Restaurant is always at a consistently high level of cleanliness and appearance!

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