A lack of proper cleaning causes 90% of the fires in restaurants or any establishment with a hood system. So much so that it is the main reason that these establishments\’ insurers are not responsible for losses caused by this type of failure.

Our mission is to provide the best services and never compromise our services\’ quality or your establishment\’s safety and integrity.


Why are we the best?

Because we are certified, insured, and trained according to the NFPA 96 code, we will do a better job than any hood cleaning company you have ever used. We will clean your hood system entirely and provide you with a complete visual report of the entire process before and after pictures or videos. We will ensure that all areas are cleaned appropriately to bare metal, without any grease on any surface. Without any extra charge, we will change the motor belt if necessary and grease your bearings for better operation and lubrication. We will clean your return air filter to help with air circulation within your Kitchen and will undoubtedly lower your establishment\’s overall temperature a few degrees.

From the fact that we would take your system to the best possible condition, we would also help your establishment\’s global operation; we faithfully believe that you have nothing to lose in choosing us as your suppliers.

And we also have a wide range of services for your establishment. Our mission is to make it a one-stop-shop for all your cleaning needs.

Also, ask about the specials for long-term and multi-location contracts.

We are everything you need. We deliver quality. Our TruShine 360 System guarantee all services, an exhaustive inspection at the time of finishing. We do not get out of your Kitchen until it\’s not up to your approving levels.



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