Carlos J. Tavarez

Our commitment is to provide our employees and clients with a safe place where, trust and security are the keys to create a strong and lasting relationship focused on growth. A healthy relationship creates growth.

About Our Core Value | Trushine Employees

EFFICIENCY: Obtaining The Best Possible Outcome.
EFFECTIVENESS: Constantly Measure Our Self To Demonstrate Commitment.
ACCOUNTABILITY: Take Full Responsibility For Our Activities And Accountable For Our Work.
QUALITY: Committed To Excellence In Everything We Do And Strive To Deliver Value.
INTEGRITY: Doing Our Best Even When Not One Is Watching.
CREDIBILITY: Work Constantly To Build Trust And Maintain Integrity.
CUSTOMER FOCUS: Its All About Our Customers.
PASSION: Loving What We Do.
TruShine = ONE TEAM.

Guiding Our Daily Operation On Core Values

Our most valuable asset is our TruShine employees. We understand that better prepared, trained, educated, and a visualization of their importance in our operations will create a more reliable company and consequently, a an extremely high quality of service. TruShine Services | Cleaning Services Solutions is an equal opportunity employer. Our Philosophy is committed to providing quality cleaning services that deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction. TruShine employees are vigorously screen for our client’s protections.

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