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It’s no surprise that when Atlanta’s top restaurant owners need their restaurants cleaned and sanitized to their standards that they call TruShine Services. Our clients understand that without proper cleaning, equipment maintenance, and sanitation procedures their business, their employees, and their customers are at risk. Trust our team to deliver a commercial cleaning service equal to that of what your customers experience on a nightly basis.

Front of House Restaurant Cleaning

Tru-Shine understands the demanding environment and expectations of restaurant owners. Having a clean and presentable front of house can be the difference between repeat customers and unhappy customers. Having worked with Atlanta’s best, we’ve built a complete suite of customizable services for restaurants. From the lobby and dining area to the bathrooms we’ve got you covered. Some of our restaurant cleaning services include:

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Hood Cleaning

Grease from your commercial cooking operation is intended to be captured by your grease hood and exhausted through the baffle filters, into the plenum, up the grease duct, then through the fan and into the air or captured by a grease tray beneath the fan. Routine Hood Cleaning, as outlined by NFPA-96 guidelines, will keep all these areas free of dangerous grease build-up preventing fire hazards from ever existing!

Our Process:

A proper commercial grease exhaust system cleaning (hood cleaning) includes cleaning of the:

Grease Exhaust Fans
Grease Ducts
Plenums (area behind the filters)
Interior of the hoods
Grease trays and grease cups
Grease filters Access Panels (if present)

COVID-19 Solutions

TruShine is up to date in the latest COVID-19 Protocols

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Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Change The Industry. Building Trust, Going Above And Beyond Expectations. Our Services Meant To Meet And Exceed That Commitment And Add More Value To Our Customer Relationship, Monitoring Our Services For A Continuous Process Of Improvement. We Are Here To Serve Our Customers, Employees, Community, States, And Countries. From The Bottom Of My Heart, Thank You.

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