TruShine Fry360: The Future of Oil Filtration in Gwinnett County, GA

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Disposing of cooking oil poses an environmental concern and a logistical headache for your business. Fortunately, TruShine Services is here to offer you the needed oil filtration system. 

Since our start in 2010, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing solutions that streamline kitchen operations while upholding sustainability. We keep on doing so today through TruShine Fry 360 the innovative solution to your struggles.

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How This Cooking Oil Filtration Works

The TruShine Fry360 System revitalizes cooking oil with a simple, effective process. It extracts used oil and cleans it to reduce burn residues by up to 60%. 

It also tests for quality, removes moisture, and employs micro-filtration when needed, ensuring your recycled cooking oil is as good as new.

The Advantages of TruShine Fry360

When choosing this cooking oil filtration system for your kitchen, plenty of benefits will come your way. Such as great food quality, eco-friendly solutions, and superior-quality oil. Find more information about each here: 

Elevate Food Quality

Using TruShine Fry360 significantly enhances food quality. After all, cleaner oil means tastier, healthier meals—a direct benefit to your customers and your brand’s reputation.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

Our system can turn used cooking oil into biofuel, drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. So, by choosing TruShine Fry360, you can comply with environmental regulations and demonstrate your corporate responsibility.

Without a doubt, this innovative solution is what you need to improve your kitchen.

Superior Oil Quality

The TruShine Fry360 methodology ensures your recycled cooking oil is cleared of 98% impurities, boosting its lifespan by up to 40%. This remarkable improvement in oil quality not only economizes usage but also supports a cleaner, more efficient kitchen operation.

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Boost Your Kitchen in Gwinnett County, GA

Selecting TruShine Services and our TruShine Fry360 system means saying goodbye to the inefficient, wasteful cycle of cooking oil disposal; for business owners in Gwinnett County, GA, who are looking for a smarter way to manage their kitchen’s used cooking oil, contact TruShine Service.

We are the ideal partner in transforming kitchen waste into an asset, ensuring your operations are more sustainable and profitable. So, why wait? Step into a future of recycled cooking oil for your commercial kitchen today.

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