Enhance Your Kitchen Operations with Oil Filtration in Dekalb County, GA

You want to run a sustainable commercial kitchen. Yet, you’ve struggled to find effective ways to recycle cooking oil and minimize waste. We at TruShine Services see the issue you’re facing and want to offer you a simple solution: our oil filtration system in Dekalb County, GA.

Since 2010, we’ve been helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals. Explore our services today and see how we can improve your kitchen.

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The Process Behind Our Oil Filtration System

Our TruShine Fry360 system is designed to make cooking oil filtration simple and effective. Here’s how it works:

  • First, our filter gently extracts used cooking oil from your fryers.
  • Then, we clean it to reduce burn residues and rejuvenate the oil.
  • We test it to ensure high quality, dry it to remove moisture, and, if needed, micro-filter it to keep it in top shape.


Without a doubt, the recycled cooking oil you get from us will be as good as new—just like you’ve always wanted.

More than a Simple Cooking Oil Filtration Option

The TruShine Fry360 system offers numerous advantages for your commercial kitchen. Here’s what you can expect from it:

Minimize Environmental Impact

The system can help you minimize environmental impact through reduced oil disposal and consumption. In other words, when you rely on us, you’ll benefit the planet and showcase your commitment to sustainability.

Maintain Delicious Taste and Quality

The recycled oil helps your food retain its delicious taste and quality. So, your customers will continue to enjoy the same great flavors they expect from your dishes.

Extend Your Oil Lifespan

Our cooking oil filtration system can extend your oil’s lifespan by up to 50%. This prolongs the use of your cooking oil, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency in your kitchen operations.

chef preparing olive oil in a pan

Achieve Sustainability for Your Kitchen in GA

Your dream of having a sustainable kitchen operation can become a reality with TruShine Services’ help. Our oil filtration system in Dekalb County, GA, will help you forget about ineffective oil management.  

To achieve a greener, more efficient kitchen, contact us today. Our experienced team will be ready to provide the perfect way to recycle cooking oil efficiently.

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