4 Steps To Find The Right Cleaning Company

Finding the right cleaning company for your facility can enhance productivity and provide a sense of assurance. In this article, we present four steps to assist you in locating the ideal commercial cleaning service for your company.

Find a local or regional cleaning company with a local office

Local professional cleaning companies typically have the personnel and resources necessary to consistently deliver a higher level of service compared to national counterparts. This consistency in service minimizes complaints, leading to fewer interruptions, which enables you and your team to stay focused on your business. When conducting an online search for local companies, exercise caution, as many companies may appear to be local but are actually marketing companies pretending to be local commercial cleaning providers – always verify their physical local address.

Prepare a brief summary of your cleaning requirements

Although it’s not mandatory to formulate a formal request for proposal (RFP) for potential vendors, offering a concise document outlining your needs can be beneficial. Elements to specify in this RFP should be the number of individuals operating within the facility, preferred cleaning hours and days (e.g., post-5:00 PM on weekdays), designated cleaning areas, dumpster locations, and more. Many reputable cleaning companies typically offer a summary scope of work document to assist in this stage.

Invite potential vendors to your facility

Though it’s possible to obtain a reasonable proposal from a commercial cleaning company without this measure, permitting a potential cleaning vendor to conduct an on-site inspection of your building can lead to superior outcomes. The principal aim of this site visit is to enable prospective cleaning vendors to gather the essential data needed to estimate the hours required for cleaning your facility. During these visits, vendors will evaluate factors such as flooring types, space utilization, the current cleanliness status, accessibility, working conditions, and more. Seize this opportunity to inquire about their company, their service approach, staffing, and provide specifics regarding your preferences for receiving their proposal and service agreement.

Conduct a brief meeting with your finalist(s)

After you’ve received proposals from potential vendors, arrange for a concise in-person or video meeting with each to go over the proposal specifics and address any remaining questions. During this meeting, you can inquire about potential start dates, clarify terms in their service agreement, collect the necessary details for vendor onboarding, and more.

By following these steps, you and your team can locate a commercial cleaning company that aligns with your requirements and, ideally, discover a vendor interested in serving you for the long term.

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